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100% LINEN - Tunic with side pockets.

Loose fitting front buttoned tunic with wide dropped shoulders and wide kimono style sleeves extend past elbow. Tunic tapers in to above the knee, has side pockets and stand up collar.

Linen is made from the flax plant and is two to three times as strong as silk or cotton. The long fibers of the flax plant have a natural vegetable wax coating, which creates a subtle sheen in the woven natural fabric. The fabric wrinkles easily but can be pressed flat with a hot iron. For garments made with the natural fabric, 2.5 -3% shrinkage is considered normal. Because of the nature of natural linen fabric, styles are loose fitting when fabric is used in this form.

To take care of this garment it is best to use a soft detergent in a cold machine wash cycle and then to line dry in the shade. Use a hot iron when garment is still damp.